Why Join MiHSEF As Your High School Esports League?

Some Reasons To Join MiHSEF

About MiHSEF

The Michigan High School Esports Federation is a free to join non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that offers free to compete esports competition for High Schools in Michigan, started and operated by educators since 2019. Our mission focuses entirely on student experiences, opportunities, and growth and the development of the high school esports community in Michigan in a safe and secure setting. For schools just starting or who have an established team that is ready to play, Michigan schools are welcomed into a diverse and equitable community.

What MiHSEF Offers That Others Don't

First-Class Matchmaking

MiHSEF excels in providing an unparalleled competitive environment in the high school esports league scene, boasting an impressively low forfeit rate of under 3% and a stellar match play rate of over 96%. This achievement underscores our commitment to reliability and seamless gameplay experiences, ensuring that every team has the opportunity to compete at their best. Our matchmaking system is designed with fairness and competitive balance in mind, promoting an equitable and engaging high school esports competition landscape. We leverage advanced algorithms and a deep understanding of team capabilities to create matchups that are both challenging and rewarding, setting MiHSEF apart as a leader in high school esports leagues.

Largest In-Person High School Events In Michigan

MiHSEF is renowned for hosting the most significant in-person high school esports events in Michigan and the Midwest, setting records for attendance and competitive engagement. Our biannual state finals are not just competitions but landmark events in the high school esports calendar, anticipated to attract over 425 competitors and 700 guests in Spring 2024. These large-scale gatherings underscore our dedication to fostering a vibrant, supportive community around high school esports, providing an electrifying atmosphere for competitors and spectators alike. Our events are a testament to the thriving high school esports league in Michigan, offering unmatched experiences for students, families, and educators.

Equity in Gaming

At the heart of MiHSEF's ethos is a profound commitment to equity in gaming. We stand out by ensuring our esports competitions are not just free to participate in but also accessible to all, eliminating financial and logistical barriers that might deter participation. Our inclusive approach has fostered a welcoming environment for a diverse array of schools, from urban to rural, ensuring that every student has a place in our competitions. By refusing to lock events behind contracts, paywalls, or membership dues, we champion an open and equitable high school esports league, where every player has the chance to shine, regardless of their background.

National Championship Opportunities

MiHSEF is a proud member of the Interstate Scholastic Esports Association (ISEA) and is a key participant in the LOS network, both of which facilitate national championships showcasing the top talent from each state. This unique partnership provides an exclusive pathway for our top-performing teams to compete on a national stage, following their success in state championships. It’s an exceptional opportunity for students to display their skills in a high-profile arena, representing the pinnacle of high school esports competition. Participation in these national championships not only elevates the prestige of competing within MiHSEF but also highlights our commitment to advancing the careers of young esports athletes, providing unparalleled exposure and experience.

Large And Active Community in Michigan

Boasting the largest high school esports community in Michigan, MiHSEF stands out with its extensive reach across discord communities and social media platforms. Our network is a bustling hub for student gamers, coaches, and enthusiasts to connect, share, and grow together. This expansive community reflects our leading position in high school esports, providing a dynamic ecosystem where participants can engage, find support, and celebrate their achievements. Through our active engagement on various digital platforms, MiHSEF continues to pioneer the development of high school esports leagues, connecting like-minded individuals and fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork.

LOS Portal Innovation

By utilizing the LeagueOS (LOS) platform, MiHSEF offers a cutting-edge advantage to our participants. The LOS Portal is an innovative tool that transforms how high school esports athletes connect with college recruiters. Every student involved in our league has the opportunity to maintain a visible, detailed recruiting profile, making it easier for colleges to discover and recruit top talent. This modern approach to college recruitment in the esports arena positions MiHSEF students favorably for scholarships and collegiate esports opportunities, highlighting our league's commitment to not just competitive play but also academic and career advancement. The LOS Portal exemplifies our forward-thinking strategy in leveraging technology to enhance the high school esports competition experience and future prospects of our athletes.