Thanks to our outstanding sponsors and partners for supporting Michigan students!

If you would like to become a sponsor or make a financial contribution to the Michigan High School Esports Federation, please contact for information.

Donations will only be used to further the MiHSEF's mission of providing the highest quality experiences for Michigan students.

Here are some examples of ways your contributions may be used:

  • Purchasing trophies, medals, and other awards for our state championship teams and outstanding student esports athletes

  • Website, domain name, and other subscriptions required to effectively communicate with member schools

  • Covering the cost of venue spaces for in-person MiHSEF events

  • Pay for broadcasting staff who provide color commentary and play-by-play for MiHSEF streamed events

  • Purchase equipment, supplies, and other items to allow for more and better in-person LAN events

  • Professional conference opportunities for MiHSEF volunteers and coaches